My first review is on a beauty product.  For those of you who know me, this might seem a little out of character.  So, within the past two years, I’ve learned to embrace makeup.  Before that, I was always intimidated by how much I didn’t know about it and assumed that I wouldn’t be good at it.  I was also one of those girls who thought that by not wearing makeup, I was being more honest and authentic to everyone.  I have since learned that being honest and authentic is more about saying what I mean and acting on what I say and less about what I choose to put on my face.  In the name of honesty, here’s the truth:  in these past two years, playing around with makeup has been really fun and I’ve been wanting to share my thoughts on the products I’ve tried.  I don’t get to really talk about this stuff with my friends and co-workers, so I figured I’d share these thoughts with you.  So, without further ado…

The very first makeup item I wholeheartedly embraced was lip color.  I had issues with being anemic in the past and when that happens, my lips are deathly pale.  I wish I were exaggerating about that, but I straight up look like the undead.  Since then, I’m always on the hunt for a low maintenance lip color and when I heard/read about these, I was intrigued.  A lip stain that starts off glossy, but has staying power?  Let’s give it a try… 

I picked up shade #29 at and I believe it was $34. Since I ordered it online, I didn’t get to check out the colors in person, but I was definitely trying to get a natural looking shade.  This shade is like a rose pink that leans a bit redder on me.  I heard that it works best when you apply one layer, wait a few minutes, and then apply a second layer.  This is supposed to help it last longer.  Here’s a rundown of how it lasted.

When first applied (11:20 a.m.), it feels really liquidy, but then thickened up to be more of a gloss.  The color was brighter than I would normally wear, but was still rather pretty.

Three hours later, the color was still vibrant, albeit less glossy than at first.  It started to wear away at the inner edges of my lips, looking like I lined that area or something.  Weird.  To be objective, I had only taken one drink of water during this span of time, so I had yet to see how it lasted through a meal. 

At seven hours, it survived a light lunch, some serious snow shoveling, and cooking dinner.  At that point, I still hadn’t touched up.  It did look lighter, not glossy at all.  There’s no weird lining to the inner rim of my lips, but just a natural and relatively even wear down.  All in all, not bad.  When I pursed my lips, they sort of stuck to each other, though. 

After dinner, there was pretty much nothing left.  I’m not too torn up about that though. It had a great run.

So, I’ve read other people’s reviews on this product and a lot of folks said this product didn’t last after their first drink of water or meal.  I thought it was actually pretty stinking impressive.  Granted, I could have touched up earlier if I wanted to, but I wanted to see how far I could push it.  In real life, not in a controlled experiment, I’m pretty bad at touching up my makeup throughout the day, so I really wanted to see what this product could do.  

Would I recommend it?  Yeah, I would.  It’s expensive, yes, but if I can put on two coats in the morning and proceed with my life without having to think about it, that’s worth it to me.  I’d definitely like to check out more colors, but will try and swatch them in stores first before purchasing it blind.  I didn’t like it when the inner rims of my lips looked lined, but it wasn’t noticeable to the casual observer (at least not this time).  The initial application process is sort of high maintenance, but the resulting staying power was worth it.  Please let me know what your experience has been with this lip product.  Do you have any favorite shades you recommend?