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Hey, did any of you actually click the link in my YouTube description box to get here?!  If you did, let me know!  If you didn’t, welcome and please let me know what brought you here.  I’m so curious!

So, when I first started posting YouTube videos last March, it was a way to share some of the recordings I had worked on over the years.  I used to post them to MySpace back in the day, but needless to say, that became… irrelevant.  Anyway, my first two songs were more “studio” based, but when talking to some close friends, they wanted to see something a little more raw…  Back in December, I posted the first of my One Take series here.  Granted, I never intended it to be a series, but it was really fun to do.  With studio based recordings, I can record takes over again and cut/paste accordingly.  With this series, it’s like performing live and I really love live performances.

This past Monday, I got a chance to record a song (or two) with my good friend, Tricia.  We used to sing together all the time for church and special events.  She’s got a powerful set of pipes!!  Not only that, but she’s got an awesome, irreverent sense of humor that I love.  We did a LOT of laughing that day.  😀  The other thing I love is that we can talk about stupid stuff, but also stuff that matters in life.  It’s always a joy to have that kind of friendship.

Why did I pick the song, “Take Me to Church” for this recording?  From a musical standpoint, the song is beautiful and emotional, filled with all these gorgeous minor chords that I am forever drawn to.  I guess I like angst-y songs?  Lyrically, my interpretation of the song is that it’s a scathing criticism of religion and how many individuals have taken advantage of others in the name of “religion.”  It also hints at the (ir)relevancy of the church in people’s lives (e.g. – “my church offers no absolutes”).  There was a pretty good read on why people are leaving church here.  I think songs like this are great because they show us how we can all do better at actually being loving, kind, present, and relevant, not only as individuals but collectively.

I hope you enjoy the video.  I’m sorry the audio isn’t that great.  Most of my gear (both recording and video) is in California still, so this was a pretty barebones setup.  Please let me know if there’s a song you’d like me to consider recording or if you’d like to collaborate!  Thanks for reading!


I’m happy to share that I finally posted my first video on YouTube!  You can watch it here:

As cheesy as this might sound, I’ve really enjoyed the journey of making this first video.  I haven’t perfected anything, but it’s satisfying to have made it through the process, stumbling and learning along the way.  It just feels good to learn something and be able to apply it immediately.  

I’m also really glad that my MacBook Pro from 2006 is still doing well enough to achieve what I sought out to do.  I have an ancient version of iMovie, where I did my editing.  It stinks not being able to have more than one video clip playing side by side, but it was manageable to sync my audio.  It also took a long time to import video footage into iMovie, something around 30 min per 5 min of footage.  *sigh*  Well, if anything, I have MAD respect for those who edit film.  They are amazingly patient and have fantastic imaginations.  Editing can be so hard, but I hope to get better at it!

It was also a challenge trying to figure out how to export my video into a format that works on YouTube without losing quality.  I can only use footage in 720/30 HD because my processors can’t handle 1080.  Luckily, 720 is good enough for what I need to achieve.  When I tried to use the “Web Stream” option for exporting my video, it was crazy baaaaaaaaaad.  Those default settings were horribly outdated, but I was relieved to find that the “Expert Settings” allowed me to enter my own values.  I have to say, YouTube offers an amazing amount of resources so if you dig hard enough, chances are, you’ll find the answers you need.  It’s nice to feel like they want new YouTubers to succeed.  🙂  

All in all, the journey was a good one.  I’m already plotting what my second video will be!  Thanks for reading and please check out my video.  Let me know in the comments below if you have any suggestions for videos or any tips on how to edit.  


I’ve been thinking a lot lately…  and perhaps that’s part of my problem.  I think too much.  I need to get to the action part.  


Slowly, but surely, I think I’m gathering up the courage to actually DO some of these “things” I’ve been thinking about so much.  Hopefully this blog post won’t be too long or ramble-y, but I was really inspired this weekend by some words of wisdom from someone on YouTube.  

As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve returned to being Primal (I’ve been mostly successful so far and I can feel the difference).  In addition to this, I bought a groupon for CrossFit.  Um.  I’m terrified.  I need to sign up already, but for whatever reason, I keep putting it off.  What am I scared of?  Ha.  I’m scared of hurting myself.  My job can be pretty physical and if I’m injured, I can’t work…  I’m also terrified that I’ll be embarrassingly bad at it. 😦  I know…  it sounds so stupid!  I read all the FAQ’s about CrossFit and they go on and on and on about how things are scalable and grandmas can do it, but really?!  Really?!  What I’m really hoping is that I have an unrealistic idea of what it’s all about.  Man, I just need to go and see what it’s like for myself…  I know that I like lifting and I really liked gymnastics when I was a little kid.  The rings were my favorite!  Hopefully that will play in my favor.  Oddly enough, I’m also afraid that I’m really going to like CrossFit and that I’ll just be obsessed. I guess there are worse things, right?  


Another thing I’ve thought too much about is posting videos on YouTube.  Truthfully, it’s kind of daunting to put something out there because there are always haters.  There’s also so much content out there!  Who will want to watch my collection of videos?  I see other YouTube channels and they have a niche: beauty gurus, movie parodies, comedy sketches, product reviews, short films, etc.  I think the main thing that is stopping me is over-thinking all the logistics.  When it comes down to it, I just want to post videos so I can share my thoughts and create.  That’s all.  I was worried about putting myself in a niche first, putting out “professional” content, having perfect video editing skillz, etc.  I understand now that I don’t have to start out perfect, but enjoy the journey of learning about all those things and just get STARTED already.  If people like what I post, that’s amazing.  I just want to start making stuff and sharing.  So.  I’ll have a video out in the next week or so, depending on how much time I have after work.  (I work crazy long hours and commute a looong distance).  I think the first thing I post will be music related…  We’ll see.  

Thanks for reading.  If you have words of wisdom, please comment below.  Is there anything that you’ve been afraid of that you’re finally ready to take action on?