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There’s always something really special about being back at home.  Not because of the food (although, I definitely miss good Korean food) and not even because it’s familiar surroundings…  Home is special because I know there are people there I can count on, who know my good and bad traits, and it’s all still okay.  Those types of relationships are rare in life and as time goes on, I see how precious it really is.  But enough nostalgia.

I got to introduce the family to my little Milo and I think everyone had a good time.

Here’s the photo of the day…

Dad and Ollie are checking out the Korean newspaper while Milo is zooming in on a headline…


It’s taken a great deal of self-restraint not to take pictures of Ollie every day and post them.  Ollie is like my cute little nephew and he is a very willing model…   at least, most of time, anyway.  Take a gander and soak in the cuteness.  Let me warn you, though…  I’m really, really excited for tomorrow’s post.  🙂