Holy cow, I can’t believe I have seven of these!  I rarely ever have seven of anything!  Seriously.  I’m literally trying to think of something else I have seven of…  

Oh…  yes, I do have multiples of something else.  Heh.  Heh.  

Anyway, I digress:  Take a look at these!


These are not new by any means and if anything, I’m late to this party.  My little collection all started with Bad to the Bronze and the rest is history.  Here is why I enjoy these so flippin’ much:

  • On a superficial level, I like the containers: 
    • They are made of glass, so they feel good in my hand. 
    • I like how they are stored upside-down to showcase their colors. 
    • They are also quite portable – I usually only bring one with me though, so I don’t have to worry about them hitting each other and breaking in transit.
  • They can be applied with (clean) fingers or a brush with ease and blend out nicely.
  • Used as a base, they help my powder shadows last at least 6-8 hours without creasing (depending on the quality of powder shadows I use).
  • These can also be used alone, especially since they are so blendable, but they won’t last as long unless you use primer.
  • They can be applied to be sheer, but also buildable to higher degrees of pigmentation, if that’s what you’re going for.  
  • The shimmer does not look like a giant glitter bomb exploded on my eyelid and the shimmer can be matted out with shadow, if desired.

I’ve been collecting these for maybe 18-24 months, but the only one I’ve had dry out around the edges is the Tough as Taupe shade – it’s still usable, even though it dried out maybe a month after I got it!  I tighten the lids as much as I can every time I use these. 

Here’s a really quick rundown of the shades I have:


(Left to Right):  Tough as Taupe, Audacious Asphalt, Bad to the Bronze, Barely Branded, Electric Blue, Inked in Pink, Pomegranate Punk

Tough as Taupe:  This is a matte taupe cream eye shadow.  Maybe it dried out a bit because it’s a matte shade?  Not sure.  Nonetheless, I would prefer to use this almost exclusively as a base because it applies a little streaky on me, as you can see in the photo above.  I use it with the Smoked palette from Urban Decay, but it will tone down the vibrant colors (Loaded, Rockstar, and Evidence).

Audacious Asphalt:  Um.  I just got this shade, so I haven’t done much else but swatch it.  It took a few layers to get this shade to be opaque enough, but I think it would be awesome for a dark smoky eye.  *Edit:  I layered the Smoked palette over this one and it looks great!  Loaded, Rockstar, and Evidence do NOT get muted with this as a base, so if you want your color to pop, this one is better than Tough as Taupe.  

Bad to the Bronze:  It’s still my absolute favorite and works splendidly with every eye shadow palette I have, especially the Naked and Naked 3 palettes.  I will also use this shade alone with a bit of eye liner and mascara and call it a day.  I’ve had this one the longest and it hasn’t gotten dry or cracked yet.  



Barely Branded:   This shade is a great light champagne color.  Sometimes I use it to make colors pop a little brighter on my lids.  You can also just use it to neutralize the natural color of your eyelids.  If you have duo-tone eye shadows, try them out over this shade to get some color variance.  For example, when I use this under a duo-tone eye shadow like Sigma’s Triomphe, you get more of the brown with flashes of iridescent jade green vs. when I use Triomphe over Audacious Asphalt, I just get a deeper green.  Triomphe is swatched alone on top, on the left is over Barely Branded, and on the right is over Audacious Asphalt.

Electric Blue:  Shocker, this is the shade I use the least.  I do, however, love electric blue and pair this with Nars Outremer.  Outremer applies really patchy, so it desperately needs a base in order to show up properly.  Even with a base, it takes a lot of patience and layering.  I put Outremer over Barely Branded, just to see if Outremer would pop out even more.  Take a look and see what you think.  It has more of an underlying shimmer over Barely Branded, but I think I prefer it over Electric Blue.

Inked in Pink:  I only use this as a base because it doesn’t really show up much on my medium toned skin.  I pair it the most with the Naked 3 palette for obvious reasons.  🙂

Pomegranate Punk:  I got this after seeing all these gorgeous, autumnal eye looks and wanted to be able to use it with my Sigma Dare palette.  It also looks like a dupe for the Chanel Illusion D’Ombre Ebloui too, only Ebloui has more brown, more shimmer, and is more expensive.  I think Pomegranate Punk ends up being cranberry with gold shimmers and that’s really what I was looking for… so maybe it’s not so much of a dupe for Ebloui? I wear this shade alone with some dark brown eyeliner and mascara.  I haven’t really layered with other shadows yet.  If you want a good matte shadow to smudge out your liner with, the NYX Nude Matte Shadow in Skinny Dip is pretty good.  I was worried about whether or not I’d look like I got punched in the eye, since it’s kind of a “bruise” color, but it’s surprisingly wearable. You really need to have mascara on though.  It makes a difference. 

There are definitely more shades in this line of cream eye shadows, but these are the ones that suit my tastes.  What are some of your favorite colors?  Do you have a favorite product that you have multiples of?  If so, please comment below!  

Thanks for reading all of this and I’ll be posting again soon!