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de futuro

De futuro – regarding the future…

These past few days have been a bit of a whirlwind.  I mentioned in a previous post that I was stuck in limbo.  Well, limbo has finally ended and now I’m a jumble of emotions.  Is it possible to be relieved, excited, thankful, nervous, sad, and happy all at the same time?  For the record, it is totally possible and I’m your living proof.

I’ve been waiting to hear where my next assignment is going to be and now that I have an answer, it means things will be changing rapidly.  These next few days, I’m packing up again and heading back to California, more specifically, the Bay Area.  Today, I was finally able to book a flight and I filled a mountain of paperwork.  I’m relieved because I know where I’m going and I can actually move forward on logistics, like finding a place to live, moving, etc.

It’ll be nice to get started at a new assignment so I can use my skills and make a living.  I miss working with patients!  I am so thankful for this new assignment because it was the location I was hoping for and a setting I have a lot of experience in.  Thank God!  It was really looking bleak for a while and I was getting worried.

I am so excited to explore the Bay.  It’s a really cool place and I think I’m going to meet some amazing people there.  At the same time, I’m sad to leave Chicago because it will always be home.  I love my family.  I love being able to see my friends.  I love waking up to my dog curled up next to me.  I’m sad to leave it all behind again.  It won’t be forever, but I’m really going to miss them. I’ll miss my mom the most.  She’s always the hardest to say bye to.  My mom and I have been binge watching the last season of NCIS.  We’re hoping to finish it before I leave – I think we’re going to finish it because we’re on Disc 5 out of 6!  I’m going to miss spending time together like this.  Not just watching TV together, but all the jokes we share, no matter what we’re doing.  Over the years, we’ve become friends and when we’re apart, I miss her terribly.  I’ve learned to appreciate her so much and it took me almost a lifetime to realize how awesome she is.

Anyway, things are going to be hectic this next week.  It’s possible I’ll be disappearing for the next few days, but I’ll post when I can.  I’ve really been enjoying blogging and getting to know some of you better too!

Thanks for reading and I hope you’re having a good beginning to your week!

Return to blogging!!

It’s been a long time coming, but I’m coming back to the blogging world!  I’m excited to start posting again!  I’m not totally sure who will follow this blog, but I’ve been wanting to share about all the things I’ve been learning about lately.  See you soon!

And so it begins…

Welcome to my blog.

I went to a photography workshop today and I was inspired to be more intentional about taking more pictures.  One of my fellow workshop attendees mentioned the 365 challenge – to take a picture every day of the year and blog about it.  I don’t know about doing this 365 days in a row, but at the very least, I’d like to start with a picture every day for 30 days.  Much less daunting to me!

Here we go…

The teacher

Here is Anthony, my good shooting (and sometimes recording) buddy.  He and I have gone on several shooting sessions in random alleyways.  It was good to shoot with him again.  I tried to apply some of the tricks of the trade he shared during the workshop, particularly to keep it simple.  I’m also posting this because I hope to get better at photographing people…  Usually, I’d much rather take macro shots or landscapes, but I need to broaden my horizons.

And so it begins…  29 days to go.