I think this is my first quiet weekend since the end of August.  I didn’t travel anywhere – in fact, I think I’ve barely gone outside.  My life has literally been a whirlwind these past six weeks and it’s nice that things are actually stabilizing a bit.  I have a place to live.  I know (roughly) how to get around this area.  Slowly, but surely, I’m getting to know people at work.  Things are good.

Things are about to get busy again too.  I have a lot of out of town adventures coming up – it will be so awesome to see friends!   I still need to go to Yosemite too – it would be a travesty if I lived so close to there and didn’t visit at least once!  Need to start thinking of where my next assignment will be too…  I know, it’s only early October, but I think it really has to be that early.  Crazy, right?

Ha, I was feeling kind of guilty for being such a homebody this weekend, but now I see that I just need to embrace and enjoy it.  It will be a rarity, indeed.  Oh, I guess I did something semi-productive – I posted a video update.  Here’s the link:


Have a good Sunday!