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Life is Beautiful

Greetings from Vegas!  I’m getting ready for day two of the Life is Beautiful festival and it’s going to be a good lineup.  If you haven’t heard about this festival, it’s happening this weekend in downtown Vegas with music, food, art, and seminars.  So much cool stuff all in one place!  The great thing about this organization is that it’s dedicated to “helping people conquer their fears and chase their dreams.”  This festival is one of the biggest events that they do, but they also have an online forum, meant to allow people to connect and inspire each other.  I can get behind that.  🙂  You can check them out at

quiet weekend

I think this is my first quiet weekend since the end of August.  I didn’t travel anywhere – in fact, I think I’ve barely gone outside.  My life has literally been a whirlwind these past six weeks and it’s nice that things are actually stabilizing a bit.  I have a place to live.  I know (roughly) how to get around this area.  Slowly, but surely, I’m getting to know people at work.  Things are good.

Things are about to get busy again too.  I have a lot of out of town adventures coming up – it will be so awesome to see friends!   I still need to go to Yosemite too – it would be a travesty if I lived so close to there and didn’t visit at least once!  Need to start thinking of where my next assignment will be too…  I know, it’s only early October, but I think it really has to be that early.  Crazy, right?

Ha, I was feeling kind of guilty for being such a homebody this weekend, but now I see that I just need to embrace and enjoy it.  It will be a rarity, indeed.  Oh, I guess I did something semi-productive – I posted a video update.  Here’s the link:

Have a good Sunday!


I made a second YouTube channel…  bold, considering I’ve neglected my first channel, right?  Sigh.  The point of the second channel is to be able to share about some of my travels with family and friends (or anyone else interested).  It’s not meant to be really polished or complicated.  I like that.  It takes some pressure off and I’m excited about that.

If you’d like to check out my first video, here’s the link:

On a side note, I have wifi in my apartment now! Seriously, I missed having wifi.  Seriously.  🙂