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It’s like American Gothic, only on a couch with Asians and a dog.  Delightfully and purposefully awkward.  I love that Prince is posing with the best of the ’em.

spiral ring

Today is the beginning of Week #2 in my photo-a-day experiment.  I’ll have to say, it’s quite the challenge to come up with a decent photo a day.  Sometimes, it’s almost 9 p.m. and suddenly I remember, “I still need to take a photo!”  Then, I have to scramble and find something to shoot.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, it makes a big difference when I actually carry my camera around everywhere.  The days I have to scramble are the days I leave my camera at home.  Despite my procrastination, I’m pretty happy with most of the shots I’ve come up with.

This week, however, I hope to try posting at least one portrait, provided I can find a willing candidate.  I may have to go “paparazzi” on some people…  I’m also hoping to take at least one candid set of photos.  We’ll see.

Day 8’s photo is a macro shot of a copper ring I made a while back.  I think it was a fun piece to shoot on a (thankfully and blissfully) quiet Saturday.


guess who?

I figured I needed to post another human being in a photo again.  I had no volunteers today…  if anyone wants to model for me, I’ll gladly feature you in one of my photos!

circle circle

Love the repetition here…  I put the lens through one of the circles.  I thought I got it all the way through, but apparently not.  It made the picture interesting though.

and your kid

I saw, I laughed, I shot…  enjoy.

10 of spades

Yesterday’s lesson was taken to heart and I put much more effort to find the right shot.  I had several options to choose from for today.  Woohoo!  Thanks to Emily, who was my photo buddy today and who is also featured in today’s shot.  We were on our way to Martyr’s for a story slam, which was (mostly) fun in itself.


I’m kicking myself.  There were a few shots earlier today that I should have taken, but I passed them by, thinking I would be able to find something later on in the day.  Today’s lesson:  take time and stop for art because it sure didn’t wait for me…

Today’s picture is from my walk home…

Yes, I am a Chicagoan and yes, I can handle my fair share of snow.  Nonetheless, I’d be much happier if I could take a picture that looked more like this today…

Enough with the snow!  Bring on the spring!

Cabrini Rubble

There’s been the sounds of destruction every morning near my apartment…  another Cabrini building has been torn down.  It’s taken a long time for this building to be reduced to a pile of rubble (maybe a several weeks?).  I had to stop for this shot because holy cow, children are supposed to be able to play here?

cabrini rubble

I’ve been feeling sort of pressured to post only my “good” pictures, but I’ve decided they don’t all have to be the best.  I have “better” pictures than this one I’ve put up, but I feel like this one has much more to say.  You understand, I’m sure, why I felt the need to take this picture quickly…  hopefully, my skills will improve so I can take quick shots and make ’em good.

And so it begins…

Welcome to my blog.

I went to a photography workshop today and I was inspired to be more intentional about taking more pictures.  One of my fellow workshop attendees mentioned the 365 challenge – to take a picture every day of the year and blog about it.  I don’t know about doing this 365 days in a row, but at the very least, I’d like to start with a picture every day for 30 days.  Much less daunting to me!

Here we go…

The teacher

Here is Anthony, my good shooting (and sometimes recording) buddy.  He and I have gone on several shooting sessions in random alleyways.  It was good to shoot with him again.  I tried to apply some of the tricks of the trade he shared during the workshop, particularly to keep it simple.  I’m also posting this because I hope to get better at photographing people…  Usually, I’d much rather take macro shots or landscapes, but I need to broaden my horizons.

And so it begins…  29 days to go.